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Magnesia RED combines the power of natural magnesium with red fruit juice. It is intended for everyone who can appreciate the excellent flavor, fine sparklingness and unusual color of mineral water. All that is hidden in a stylishly designed bottle which enhances the experience from this unique drink.

The colour red embodies energy and drive. Awaken your unrestrained self and explore the four unique flavours of Magnesia RED.

Magnesia RED Raspberry
Original Magnesia with raspberry juice – without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, but with a dose of natural magnesium.
Magnesia RED Strawberry
Luscious strawberry Magnesia with fruit juice. A treat for your senses, the power of magnesium for your body.
Magnesia RED Red currant
Magnesia RED with red currant juice loaded with magnesium. A stylish complement to your drinking regime!
Magnesia RED Grapefruit
Fresh red Magnesia with grapefruit juice, excellent for your healthy drinking regimen due to its low calorie content, among other benefits.